haihaihaihaihaihai. this is my online diay

all about me

my full name given is FATIN NABILAH BTE YUSRY 
was born on 08 DISEMBER 1997
im just a simple unperfect girly 
emmm everyone hve their own life. me either
im happy with my life, my family and people surround me
im happy to be ulun takaa
my mothers name is NURHAIANI MANAP
she tidung + penang 
and before this my grandma has married wif chinese 
so my mum have chinese blood.
but her blood tidung is strong in her body,
her life full wif tidung tradition, so she tottally being tidung people 
my fathers name is YUSRY OMASYA
he is kadazan + tidung
so that him, his life full with kadazan tradition,
huu, so im a tidung kadazan :) 

i have 4 siblings. 
the first one is boy, 
a very handsome boy,
i called him wif 'abg' 
his full name is MOHD NIDZAM ADZHA
 second also boy, 
handsome too, his face looks like japanese and chinese, 
i called him 'adek' but not my adek actually
that because 'abg' was taken by the first so second takes 'adek' 
his name is MOHD NAZREEN
and the last one, 
my elder brothers :) 
his name is MOHD NAZREE
i called him 'najee' 
the last one tottaly my enemies
we like cats and dog
but i loved him .
 i loved all of them ;)